Mens’s Faculty (Justice For Men and Boys International)

 We are here to demand Justice for Men and Boys. Men are segregated in every step of their lives. The discrimination starts from childhood and it continues through their adult lives. There are no solid statics for male victims of various abuse. According US Center for Disease Control every year 835 thousands men victims of domestic violence in the US. We can use that number and project it for Bangladesh and many other countries around the world. United Nation and World Health Organization has no know data to help male victim of various abuse. After modeling the “Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women” – (CEDAW) We are proposing “Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Men” – (CEDAM)

We are proposing the code below to eradicate all forms of discrimination against Men and Boys:

This can be used as international Bill of rights for male Gender:

  1. Formation of UN Commission for Men and Boys.
  2. Provide equal educational opportunity for male children.
  3. International Equal Legal Aid Opportunity Act to includes all men and women (Not just Women).
  4. Mandatory male Domestic Violence Victim Shelter
  5. Equal access to the children (for biological fathers)
  6. Anti-Dower Law for Men (Where men should not be held responsible to provide Dimond/Gold or money as a part of the wedding/engagement gift.)
  7. Tougher punishment on Paternity Fraud & Mandatory DNA testing
  8. Equal Family Bearing Opportunity (Such Act will promote women empowerment properly.)
  9. New Born safe Act or Mandatory Paternity leave Act
  10. Equal Crime Equal Time Act
  11. Anti-Misandry Act (Governmental Corruption contribute to the Misandry)
  12. Right to Audio Video Record Act
  13. Human Rights Under Trail  (This Act will save men’s integrity during trail period)